Recorded webinar | Environmental impacts of food production & consumption

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Who hasn't been standing once in front of the supermarket shelf and asked oneself if the organic carrots from Italy or the cauliflower from the own country is the most ecological choice for the next meal, and then, finally, has decided to buy the delicious asparagus from the USA? Food is one of the three most important consumption fields regarding total environmental impacts. The extent of environmental impacts depends on various factors and it is not easy for consumers or even for experts to account for these impacts. 

On November 12, 2019, SimaPro partner from ESU-services, Niels Jungbluth, gave a webinar to facilitate such judgement. The webinar presents several aspects for investigating the environmental impacts of food production and consumption. In addition, it presents strategies that can be followed to reduce these environmental impacts. 

The webinar also introduces the ESU database for food production and consumption which can be used to elaborate studies in SimaPro.