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AGRIBALYSE is the French LCI database for the agriculture and food sector. The new version 3.0, published in 2020, comprises LCIs for 2500 agricultural and food products produced and/or consumed in France, combining a production-based approach and a consumption-based approach.

AGRIBALYSE 3.0 is now available for SimaPro 9 users - an overview of this database was given by the developers in this webinar held on July 2nd, 2020. We had an esteemed panel of speakers including: Vincent Colomb (ADEME), Roline Broekema (Blonk Consultants), Anne Asselin (Sayari), Hélène Teulon (Gingko 21) and Laure Nitschelm (INRAE).

You can download the database in SimaPro 9 format from here, after agreeing to the terms and conditions.