Recorded webinar | EXIOBASE 3 in SimaPro

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EXIOBASE v3.3 is a global, environmentally extended supply and use / Input Output database. The database provides data at an unprecedented level of consistent detail in terms of sectors, products, emissions and resources for all the countries covered, including 43 countries, 160 industry sectors, and 200 product categories.

On September 18, 2019, the developers of EXIOBASE, 2.-0 LCA Consultants, provided an overview of the database and its applications, covering the following topics:
  • Introduction to Input/Output databases and Hybrid LCAs
  • Overview of EXIOBASE
  • Examples of applications of EXIOBASE using SimaPro

EXIOBASE 3 is available for free download for all users with an active SimaPro service contract from https://simapro.com/products/exiobase-database/For a full list of databases available for SimaPro, please check here.