Recorded webinar | EF 2.0 Database in SimaPro

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The EF 2.0 database is discontinued as of 31-12-2021. For more info on EF 3.0, please visit: https://simapro.com/products/environmental-footprint-database/For a full list of databases available for SimaPro, please check here.

On September 24th, 2019, Marisa Vieira, Principal Consultant at PRé, walked us through the newly-released Environmental Footprint (EF) database which is an output of the European Commission’s Single Market for Green Products Initiative.

The database contains EF and ILCD compliant data sets for various sectors, as well as the EF IA method (2.0). A valuable addition to help out users - PRé has also implemented the default values of Circular Footprint Formula as database parameters in SimaPro.

In a nutshell, the webinar provides an overview of:
  • The contents of the database and how it is presented in SimaPro
  • Who is eligible to use the database and how you can access it
  • Applications for using the database
  • How to deal with waste scenarios