SimaPro Tutorial

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In this tutorial, we aim to guide you through your first experience with SimaPro desktop by taking you through a series of simplified examples. The tutorial does not attempt to explain the theory behind LCA and all its methodological issues. The basic theory and main concepts behind LCA are described in the manual ‘Introduction to LCA with SimaPro’. Each lesson in this tutorial starts with a table that summarizes what you should read.

To follow the examples in the tutorial, you need to either have a demo version or a registered version of SimaPro desktop. In terms of software, the demo version is the same as the full version with one important difference: you can enter, edit and save data, but the save command can only be used 16 times. This should be sufficient to do all exercises in this tutorial, but be careful not to waste your limited opportunities to save the data.

The lessons

We have prepared a number of examples that will allow you to become acquainted with SimaPro desktop. Choosing which examples you would like to follow depends on the time you have available and the application you have in mind.

  • Lesson 1: Basic features of SimaPro
  • Lesson 2: Entering data and building life cycles
  • Lesson 3: Using the wizard to build life cycles
  • Lesson 4: Using input output data
  • Lesson 5: Addressing the weighting problem
  • Lesson 6: Assessing uncertainties with Monte Carlo


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