SimaPro Flow Tutorial

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In this tutorial you will be guided through your first experience with SimaPro Flow by going through a simplified example. The tutorial does not attempt to explain the theory behind LCA and all its methodological issues. The basic theory and main concepts behind LCA are described in the manual Introduction to LCA with SimaPro. Each lesson in this tutorial starts with a table that summarizes what you should read and the approximate time.

To follow the examples in the tutorial, you need to have login access to the SimaPro online platform. This should be sufficient to do all exercises in this tutorial.

The lessons

With the example you to become acquainted with SimaPro Flow on the online platform. There are four lessons which are recommended to follow in the set order.

Lesson 1: Get familiar with SimaPro online platform

Lesson 2: Concepts of SimaPro and LCAs

Lesson 3: Start modeling

Lesson 4: Impact assessment


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