Getting started with SimaPro Share

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SimaPro Share is an interactive, web-based platform that makes your LCA results accessible for all of your relevant stakeholders. It enables efficient, fact-based decision-making and stimulates supply chain involvement and real-time collaboration.

To use Share, you start with uploading the model you have built in SimaPro. This model is then expanded on in Share, where you can build various scenarios and make them accessible to other non-expert users.  Both experts and business users can build scenarios and analyse their impact. These scenarios can be used to investigate and understand the impact of their decisions.

Please note that while working with SimaPro Share, you will be using a component of SimaPro Flow, which is currently in beta. That means that it is still being tested and is not fully supported. We welcome your feedback to make it better!


  1. Prepare your SimaPro Project 
  2. Create a new Share Project
  3. Build your Share project 
  4. Assign Users and publish your Project

This guide is meant to help you, the Expert user, with creating your first project.  

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