Getting started with SimaPro Explore

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SimaPro Explore allows you to create elaborate scenarios for your LCA study as well as to compare the results of similar or vastly different scenarios. For each scenario or collection of scenarios you can dive deeper into the results. Collaboration throughout the supply chain or design team is also facilitated through sharing features. 

Please note that while working with SimaPro Explore, you will be using a component of SimaPro Flow, which is currently in beta. That means that it is still being tested and is not fully supported. We always welcome your feedback to make it better!

This getting started guide addresses these topics:
  • Prepare your SimaPro project for SimaPro Explore
    • Guidelines for your SimaPro Flow model
    • Tips for your SimaPro Collect survey
    • Create your SimaPro Explore project
  • Start exploring!
    • Scenario overview
    • Scenario details and comparison
    • Results overview

To start download the Getting started guide here:
Download guide