Getting Started with SimaPro Flow

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SimaPro Flow is an online LCA modelling tool, which allows you to use visual or non-visual modelling, or a little of both. It is easy to create a project from scratch or import your existing project from SimaPro desktop. This document is created to guide you, as an expert user, through this process. It describes the basic features of the modelling tool.

The Getting started guide below will address these topics:

  1. Creating a new project in Flow
  2. Import an existing projects from SimaPro desktop
  3. Building the model in Flow:
  • Using the canvas
  • What are products
  • Setting up calculations 
  • Adding processes 
  • How to use parameters

For additional support, please contact us directly by, on the platform, click on AvatarContact support. You can browse the guide with the left sidebar or download the it as a PDF here:

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