Chapter 4: Assign users and publish your project

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Now that your project has been setup, you can share it with other users. Both Business and Expert users can then build their own scenarios, interpret and download results. To make your scenario project accessible to others, you need to assign users and publish your project.

 Adding users and create your invite

To add users and create an email invite:
  1. Click Manage users and then +New user to create a new business user. You can add a user regardless of them having an account already or not, and from any organisation.
  2. Click Edit email template to review the default invite that is sent to users.
  3. Make your changes and click Save. Information in capital letters and in between two pair of brackets (e.g. [[PROJECTNAME]]) are automatically generated and adapted to the context of the recipient.

It is recommended to click Send test mail to receive an email preview of what the respondent will see.


Inviting more users
One user license allows you to share your scenario project with one business user. If you would like to collaborate with more business users, you can purchase additional user bundles.  Please contact us for more information.


Publish your project 

It is important to mention that once your Scenario project is published, you cannot make changes to the project settings (e.g. the calculation settings). That is why a copy of your published project remains in the Draft section. You can make any changes in the Draft and re-publish the project. The published project will then be updated to the newer 'version'.

  1. Click Publish project
  2. A number of checks will be carried out to ensure that the project is complete.  If any warning messages appear, you need to make the necessary changes in your project before you try to publish it again.
  3. Once all checks have been successfully validated, an email will be sent out to all assigned users to access your project.
Your Scenario project will now be listed in the Published section of the Scenario projects overview.

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