Chapter 2: Publish your Collect survey

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Add respondents

  1. Click Manage users and then +New user to create a new respondent.
  2. While you are creating users, you can already assign them to a specific survey section or all sections.
  3. You can also add respondents from the list of existing users.  First select which section(s) they should be added to and then select the checkbox next to the respondent’s name.
  4. Once you are done, click Continue to return to the survey. You will notice that the relevant respondent names are shown below every section.
  5. To further add or edit survey respondents, you can click Manage users again.

User licenses

One SimaPro user license allows you to send a survey to up to 30 respondents at a time. If you would like to send surveys to more respondents, you can purchase additional user bundles.  Please contact us for more information.


Create your invite and send the survey

  1. Click Edit email template to review the default invite that is sent to respondents.
  2. Make your changes and click Save.
  3. It is recommended to click Send test mail to receive an email preview of what the respondent will see.
  4. To finally send out the invite, click Send survey.
  5. You will get an overview of all respondents added to your survey.
  6. SimaPro Collect will run a check to validate whether all respondents have email addresses.  If  some fields are empty, you first have to enter those respondents’ emails before you can send the survey.
  7. Click Send.
Once the survey is sent out, it will move from the Draft to the In progress section of the Survey overview dashboard.

You can still add respondents to a survey after it has been sent out:

  1. Create new users via Manage users (as explained previously) and assign them to survey sections.
  2. Then click the Add respondents button, select the newly created users and click Add respondents.
  3. The invite will be sent out only to the users you have selected.

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