Chapter 1: Create your Collect survey

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When starting a Collect survey:

  1. Go to and log in.
Log in screen
  1. Click on the green +.
  2. Then, select Collect survey.
  3. Enter the title of the survey, press enter to save and continue

Add general information

When you have given the survey a title, additional options and settings will appear:
Survey Preferences - Add survey introduction - Due date - Add conditions - edit email template
    • Survey preferences: you can setup preferences so you can customize the way the surveys looks for your audience.

    • Add survey introduction: you can add an introduction that will appear at the top of your survey (before all questions).  Click Preview survey to see how that will appear for the respondent.

    • Due date: select the Due date in order for survey respondents to know when the deadline is for submitting the survey.

    • Add conditions: you can add conditional logic to some questions so that respondents are directed to a specific question based on their answer.  This is explained further in section Add conditions.

    • Edit email template: you can customize the invitation you send out to respondents to take part in our survey. This is further explained in section Chapter 2.

    • Help which will lead you to the SimaPro Help Center.


Add sections

You can split your survey into any number of sections, in order to group questions covering the same topic.  The advantage of using sections is that you can define survey respondents per section. So you may want to send the entire survey to some respondents, while only certain sections of the survey to others.

  1. Click Add section and enter a section title.  Press Enter to save. (Click the field again to edit the text).
  2. You can add an introduction to your section (optional).
  3. Repeat the steps above to add more sections.
  4. In the Edit Survey section you can reorder the questions or sections by using theUser-added image and dragging and dropping.

Add questions

New survey dashboard
  1. Click  Add question.
  2. Enter Question (tip: press Shift+Enter to start a new line within the question).
  3. Choose Question is mandatory if you want the respondent to definitely fill in the question.
  4. Choose Allow attachments if you want the respondent to be able to attach documents.
  5. Enter Question text if you want to add explanatory text displayed directly beneath the question. This is an optional field.
  6. Enter Guidance if you want to add additional explanatory text which is hidden until the respondent hovers over  in the survey. This is an optional field.
    • You can also add multiple attachments as guidance. Click Save and Add Guidance Documentation>Select files>Open.  
  7. Select Answer format. Available answer formats are: percentage, yes/no, whole number, decimal, multiple choice (one or more answers), text and grid.
  8. To delete an answer option, drag it from User-added image and drop it in the Trash.
  9. For a number of answer formats, you have the option to Add ranking. This feature comes in handy when viewing and analyzing results as you can define a scale to rate how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ a respondent’s answer is.
  10. Finally, click the Save question button.
  11. Repeat the steps above to add more questions.
  12. Click the Preview survey button at any time to view what the survey respondent will see.
  13. You can reorder questions from the Edit survey dashboard by dragging and dropping the question box from  User-added image


Add conditions

After you have created survey questions, you can add conditional logic to questions with the answer format multiple choice and yes/no. With conditions the respondents are directed to a specific question based on their answer. Note! You can only add one conditional link per question.

  1. Click Add conditions in the top menu.
  2. Click the drop-down field When to select the question you want to add a condition to.
  3. Select ”Is” or “IsNot”.
  4. Select the answer that the condition should apply to.
  5. Click the drop-down field then show to select the question the respondent should be directed to.
  6. Click Add condition.
  7. You can now see the condition you just added under the Active conditions section.
Note! If you cannot edit conditions, then delete the condition and create a new one. 

Applying conditions means that some questions will be hidden from some respondents.  This may affect the numbering sequence of the survey questions. The Auto-numbering can be edited in Survey preferences.

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