What is an Expert user on the SimaPro platform?

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An Expert user on the SimaPro online platform is a type of user access with advanced functionalities, suitable for LCA practitioners. Expert users have more access rights than Business users. Expert user access to SimaPro Collect, Flow, Share and Explore is included in the SimaPro Power user, Expert user and PhD license packages.

Below you can find a detailed explanation of what Expert users can do using the online modules SimaPro Collect, Share, and Explore. For more information, please check this comparison between Business user and Expert users.

SimaPro Share

Expert users can:

  • Add scenarios before and after publishing the project (scenarios created by the Expert user are visible to all assigned users).
  • View all scenarios made by business users.
  • Delete scenarios made by business users.
  • Edit introduction texts, headers, hotspots.
  • Create and edit scenarios.
  • Preview the hotspot analysis.
  • Manage users and send business user links.
  • View the scenarios of specific users.
  • Copy and delete scenario projects.

SimaPro Explore

Expert users can:

  • Set up an Explore project, link it to a Flow model and Collect survey.
  • Create a baseline scenario.
  • Build a large number and variety of scenarios.
  • Copy, edit and compare scenarios.
  • Calculate and analyze impact assessment.
  • Share results with Business users.

SimaPro Collect

Expert users can:

  • Create survey sections and questions.
  • Edit the section introductions.
  • Connect the survey to LCA model.
  • Manage users and send business user links.
  • View result.
  • Copy, delete or re-open a survey.