What is an expert user on the SimaPro platform?

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An expert user on the Simapro online platform, is a user access with more functions than a business user. An expert can have access to all the three modules of Share, Collect and Flow. The Expert can:

In Share:
  • Add scenarios before and after publishing the project (scenarios created by the Expert user are visible to all assigned users).
  • View all scenarios made by business users.
  • Delete scenarios made by business users.
  • Edit introduction texts, headers, hotspots.
  • Create and edit scenarios.
  • Preview the hotspot analysis.
  • Manage users and send nusiness user links.
  • View the scenarios of specific users.
  • Copy and delete scenario projects.
  • And a lot more.
In Collect:
  • Create survey sections and questions.
  • Edit the section introductions.
  • Connect the survey to LCA model.
  • Manage users and send business user links.
  • View result.
  • Copy, delete or re-open a survey.
  • And a lot more.
See the comparison between business user and expert users here.