What is a Business user on the SimaPro platform?

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On the SimaPro online platform, a Business user is a type of license suitable for product designers, procurement specialists, management and other business stakeholders. Business user have access to fewer functionalities than Expert users. Business users need to collaborate with an LCA expert who sets up the project for them. We offer Business user licenses for SimaPro Explore and SimaPro Share. A Business user license for SimaPro Collect equals 30 respondents to a Collect survey.

Below you can find a detailed explanation of what Business users can do using the online modules SimaPro Share, Explore, and Collect. For more information, please check this comparison between Business user and Expert users.

SimaPro Share

Business users can:

  • Build their own scenarios after the project has been published.
  • Only view scenarios created by themselves and by the Expert user.
  • Preview the hotspot analysis set by the expert user.
  • View the scenarios created by themselves.
  • Copy and delete their own scenario projects.

SimaPro Explore

Business users can:

  • Build their own scenarios.
  • Copy, edit and compare scenarios,
  • Share results with other Business users. 

SimaPro Collect

Business users can:

  • Answer survey questions.
  • Fill in grids for collecting data.
  • Chat with the user who sent the survey.
  • Submit the survey.