What are the possible questions formats in SimaPro Collect?

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When creating a SimaPro Collect survey you have eight possible question formats to choose from. These question formats have different functions. The formats are described below:
This answer format has a set unit; percent, and a set answer range from 1 to 100.
This answer format is a multiple-choice question with two answer possibilities, Yes and No, and only one choice can be selected.
Whole number
This answer format only accepts whole numbers, such as 23 or 2021. Any whole number can be filled in, unless a range is used (see range below)

This answer format only accepts numbers, these can be whole numbers or decimal numbers. Examples of answers are 23 or 11,3.

Multiple choice (many answers)
This answer format allows you to set as many choices as needed, and let's the respondent select more than one option.

Multiple choice (one answer)
This answer format is similar to the last one and allows you to set as many choices as needed, but let's the respondent select only one option.

This answer format allows the respondent to fill in an open text.
Grid question
This answer format can be used in two ways:
  • Simple fill-in table
  • Tag filtered table with set drop-downs (needs connection with Flow model)


Additional options

Connect with Flow model
Some questions types can be connected to your SimaPro Flow model. This is possible for these question formats:

Range boundaries
Range is available for the following question formats:
  • Whole number
  • Decimal number

Ranking is available for the following question formats:
  • Percentage
  • Yes/no
  • Whole number
  • Decimal number
  • Multiple choice (many answers)
  • Multiple choice (one answers)