How to do a silent install of SimaPro desktop

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A silent install of SimaPro desktop is possible, and is a convenient way to roll-out multiple installations of SimaPro. It can be used for new installations or updating the SimaPro clients of existing installations.

Note: for silent install, the SimaPro license file is needed.  If you have an existing installation, you can find the license file (SIMAPRO.LCS) in the default directories C:\ProgramData\SimaProLicense\Multi or C:\ProgramData\SimaProLicense\Single (note that this could be a hidden folder).  If you did not install SimaPro yet, please contact SimaPro Support who can provide you with the license file.

Options for silent installation:
  • /SP-
    Disables the ‘This will install... Do you wish to continue?’ prompt at the beginning of Setup. Of course, this will have no effect if the DisableStartupPrompt [Setup] section directive was set to yes.

    Instructs Setup to be silent or very silent. When Setup is silent the wizard and the background window are not displayed but the installation progress window is. When a setup is very silent this installation progress window is not displayed. Everything else is normal so for example error messages during installation are displayed and the startup prompt is (if you haven't disabled it with DisableStartupPrompt or the '/SP-' command line option explained above).

    If a restart is necessary and the '/NORESTART' command isn't used (see below) and Setup is silent, it will display a ‘Reboot now?’ message box. If it's very silent it will reboot without asking.

    The license file used for this silent installation.