How do I use the answer sets in SimaPro Flow?

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The answer sets in SimaPro Flow are easy to change. It is changed by the drop-down seen below:
Respondent parameter set

It can be found on the canvas, and also on the calculation set up page. Note! You can only see it if you have a Collect survey connected with submitted answers.

Within this drop-down you have three types of choices:
  1. Default: If Default is chosen, the default parameter values, which were defined by the expert before the survey was sent out, are shown and the only the default processes will show. These values can always be edited after having a Collect survey connected.
  2. Respondent: Each respondent that has answered the survey (fully or partly) there will be shown as an option in the drop-down. If one of the respondents have been selected, the answers, including parameters as well as the processes, of that respondent will be shown in Canvas and on the parameter page.
  3. All respondents: If All respondents is chosen, the processes which have been added by all the respondents through the survey will be shown on the canvas and in the calculation. All the parameters will keep the default values and the processes which were not connected will not be changed.