How do I use analysis groups in SimaPro Share?

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If you have already defined a default calculation set up with analysis groups in your Flow model, you can create the Share scenario project by:

  1. Going to the Calculation page of your project.
  2. Click Calculate.
  3. Then, click Create Share project.
  4. When the Share project opens, create your Share hotspots.
  5. Then, go to the Product scenarios tab.
  6. Make sure only one scenario is selected and click on View process contribution below the graph.

When the graph is readjusted, the processes you have defined should be displayed in the graph.

Share graph with analysis groups

If you want to see the process contribution of all the library processes you can manage the analysis groups by:

  1. Clicking on Adjust Settings below the graph
  2. Open the Analysis groups tab
  3. And untick the box in front of Use analysis groups.