How do I use analysis groups in SimaPro Flow?

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 To set up analysis groups in a SimaPro Flow calculation:

  1. Select you Flow model, and go to the Calculation page
  2. Set the top process, amount and unit
  3. Then, select the appropriate method, normalization and weighting
  4. When that is done, you can create analysis groups by clicking on the + Add analysis group. Then this screen will show:

Empty Pop-up for analysis groups
There are fours parts to the creation of analysis groups:

  • Naming the group and choose a color:

Name and color

  • Include library processes and include processes outside of this tree: 

Include library processes and include processes outside this tree

- Include library processes refers to if the library processes will be shown in the process list below or not.

- Include processes outside of this tree refers to if the processes which are not connected to the top process will be shown in the search list below or not. This can be used if you have a process which you use in a switch or a Share project but in the original model is not connected to the top process you selected, and you want to include it in a group.


  • Filtering section: Here you can filter the search list by name, tags or geography.

Filtering options

  • Search list: Here you can select the processes you want to include in the current group as well as see if the process is already included in another group.

Search results in a list


  1. When you have created a few groups by using the filters and the search list, you can Save default calculation set up if you wish and click Calculate.
  2. In the Impact assessment tab, there is a table with the process contribution per analysis group.

 Flow process contribution per analysis groups

If you want to understand what an analysis group is, or how to use it in Share have a look at the SimaPro Help Center.