How do I log in as a respondent on the SimaPro online platform?

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Note! Meant for respondent users.
If it is the first time you log in to SimaPro Share or Collect, please:
  1. Go to apps.simapro.com
  2. Click Request new password
  3. If you got an invite by email, fill in that email or the email that the expert user registered you with.
  4. Click Email new password
  5. Go to your email and copy the new password.
  6. Paste it in to the website. See image.
  7. Then fill in your new password twice
  8. Then, click log in.
Log in frontend
If you have logged in before, you can:
  1. Go to apps.simapro.com
  2. Fill in your registered email and your password
  3. Click log in
Now you will be entering the landing page with Share and/or Collect.
Good luck! If you have any questions you can always contact support through clicking on the avatar in the top right corner.