How do I import a project to the SimaPro Platform?

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Note! Only available for expert users 

If you use a project from SimaPro desktop or another LCA software, the exported project needs to be imported in to SimaPro Flow as a csv file. To import it:
  1. Go to https://apps.simapro.com/ and log in.
  2. Click Flow.
  3. Click Add new project.
  4. Name your project, and change the author or add a comment if needed.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Select the Library tab.
  7. Tick the relevant libraries. These should be libraries which already are being use in the project or libraries which you want to use. 
Note! It is essential to select the right libraries as the import will be easier if there is a possibility to link directly to the correct processes.
  1. Furthermore, go to the Canvas tab, Processes tab or any of the other project tabs.
  2. Either Drag and drop the file or use the Import button seen below to browse your computer.
Import drag and drop

Your project will now open in SimaPro Flow and you can start modifying it.

Import GIF