How do I filter lists in SimaPro Flow?

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Note ! Only available for Expert users

Whenever you get to a page in SimaPro Flow which has a list, for example the process list in the process page. There is a row at the top of the list which looks like this:

Filter Header
With each Funnel there is an option to filter the list elements.  When you click on the relevant header this will show:
User-added image
Fill in part of what you are looking for and press Filter.

Tip ! It is also possible to filter for two terms at the same time for the same column or several different columns. 
You can additionally choose the command AND or OR to filter two keywords.
Certain columns have a different filtering method. For example, the Library column in the project overview, already gives options to choose from, since there are a limited amount of different choices they can be categorized into. See picture below.
User-added image

Another example is the 'tags' column, it has available tags which will show before the possibility of creating a new tag is given. 
User-added image

Tip! If you are familiar with the SimaPro desktop, these tags might be useful for you. The tags are given to the elements which are contained in the process folders in SimaPro desktop. So, if you know the folder in which it is in the desktop version, then you can search for the tag in combination with the name and find the exact same process.