How do I create a product that uses a different unit than the default unit?

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There are two ways to choose a different unit for you products:

  • Through the Canvas
  • Through the process list

Firstly, if you have a relatively small model for which it is easy to keep the overview in the Canvas of your project, then this might be the easiest option. To change the unit in the Canvas perform the following steps:

  1. Go the Canvas of you project.
  2. Either find the process you want to change the unit for, or create and link two processes by double-clicking and drag and drop on each other.
  3. Make sure that there is at least one output flow from the process you want to change the unit of.
  4. Then, click on the label on arrow with the output flow.
  5. Write the amount and the unit of choice in the expression field. You can also use the drop-down to find the unit you want to use.
  6. Then, press enter, and you can see that the unit has changed, also for the reference flow.

(For the second option see below the image)

Change Unit in Canvas

As mentioned, you can also change the unit in the process list. This is a bit more complicated if you have already set up your project as it is not possible to change it in the process list if the output product of a process is in use by another process. However, if you create a new process with a new output product you can edit it straight away:

  1. Go to the process list.
  2. Click Create new process.
  3. Give the process a name.
  4. Click Add output product.
  5. Fill in the name of the output product.
  6. Select the amount that the process will be modelled for (e.i. reference flow).
  7. Select the quantity type, e.g. mass, volume.
  8. Then, set the unit you want to have.
  9. Click Save.

Change Unit in Process List