How do I connect processes to SimaPro Collect?

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To connect a SimaPro Collect survey to a SimaPro Flow model there are two options, connecting it through processes with a grid question and through parameters. By linking through a process, the process and the sub-processes will be replaced by the input processes from Collect. This needs to be taken into account when modelling.

Note! These connections need to be done before sending out the survey, and the survey will not be possible to edit after publishing. If there is something you need to change in the survey after publishing you will need to copy both the Flow and Collect project, or else the links will disappear.
  1. Create a survey with a question where the answer should be a Grid question.
  2. Add a grid question and click Save.
  3. Go to the relevant Flow project.
  4. Go to the Process page from the left-side menu.
  5. Find the process in which you would like the Collect material flows to enter.
  6. Double-click on the process to open it.
  7. Find the Collect tab.
Connect grid questions
  1. See the two drop-down menus as shown in the picture above. In the first drop-down, select the relevant survey.
  2. In the second drop-down, select the grid question you created earlier.
  3. When the grid question has been chosen, two options will appear:
    1. Material list
    2. Transport list
These lists refer to the list of processes which the survey respondent will be able to choose when answering the questions. Both of them are optional, but at least one needs to be selected. Both lists can also contain any process from your libraries and you can rename them by giving them an alias if you wish. For example, if you only want to add the materials and not the distance it travels, then select only the Material list.
  1. Then select a material/transport list by using the drop-down menu.
  2. Or create a new material/transport list by
    1. Clicking on    
    2. Enter a name
    3. Click Save
    4. Filter the processes, and tick the relevant processes.
    5. When done click Save. These lists can always be changed and updated.
  3. Finally, save the process. Now it is connected to Collect.
You can test it by going back to the survey and preview it. Go to the grid question and click on the drop down menu under ‘Material type’ or ‘Material family’. There you should see the processes you added to the material list.