How do I check if my exported file has platform IDs?

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To check if the exported file from SimaPro 9 has platform IDs:

  1. Export the file as recommended here.
  2. After the download is done, open the file with NotePad (Excel is also possible, but not recommended as it can distort the file)
  3. In the opened file, scroll down to where you can see 'Emissions to air', 'Emissions to water' etc.
  4. If you use a generic library, which is available in the SimaPro online platform (see this article), for the input processes under 'Emission to..' there should be a code at the end of the line, as seen with the ammonia in the image below.


If you have this code for a few of the processes, you can be sure that the rest also has the appropriate platform IDs.
The reason you should have platform IDs is explained here.