How do I add library processes in SimaPro Flow?

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To add a library process to a process from your SimaPro Flow project you first need to make sure that you have added a library to your Flow project

  1. Go to your Flow project. 
  2. On the first page, you have a tab called 'Libraries', select this one.
  3. Then select the library you want to use.

When this is done you need to find which process you want to add. You can either do this by searching the name directly in the process list as described below or search in the library for the right process. To search in the library follow these steps:

  1. In the left-side menu, click Data, then Libraries (EXTRA TIP: hold CRTL when clicking on Libraries to open it in new tab. This way you can keep the library open while adding the necessary processes to your project processes)
  2. Open the library you are interested in by double-clicking.
  3. In the left-side menu, select Processes.
  4. Here you can search by name, tags, and geographies. 
  5. Note the Product name shown under Outputs (orange box in the image below) and the Name in the top field (blue box) in the library process you choose.
  6. Keep the library process open and go back to the Flow project (in the other browser tab). 

Library Process Output Tab

Tag searching!

Tags can be very handy if you are used to SimaPro desktop. Then you can think of these tags as the categories used for processes in SimaPro 9. They can also be used to narrow the search if you have not used SimaPro desktop before.

Tip! Use the lowest level of the category from SimaPro. For example, if you are looking for a process in the category Material > Agricultural > Animal feed, then only use Animal feed as the tag. If you add several tags for example Agricultural and Animal feed, then all the processes in Agricultural and Animal feed will show.

When you know which library process you want to add or you want to search directly in the process list:

  1. Open the process you want to edit, or create a new process.
  2. Go to the Input tab.
  3. Click Add input.
  4. In the Product field, fill in the product name which was shown under outputs (orange box in the image below)
  5. Select the amount and unit.
  6. In producing process, choose the name from the top field in the library (blue box)
  7. Select the geography you want (green box)
  8. Click Save 

Flow Project Input Tab
Now you have added a library process to a project process in Flow. You can see whether it has been added by looking at the Canvas where the library process is represented by a pink node.