What are the editing options for Collect surveys?

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Note: only available for Expert users

Description of features available in the Edit survey dashboard:

Survey preferences
This gives the option to edit general parts of the survey, such as auto-numbering, allowing attachments, email notification preferences, etc.

User-added image

Add an introduction or additional info about the survey.

User-added image
Click to be able to set the date (format: dd-mm-yyyy) the respondents are asked to complete the survey. This date will be incorporated in the standard email invitation sent to respondents.

Add conditions
Add conditional logic to questions with the answer format multiple choice and yes/no, so that respondents are directed to a specific question based on their answer.  Please note that you can only add one conditional per question.

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Click to review the default invite that is sent to respondents.  You can make changes to the template to further customize your invite.

Add section

Add a New section to your survey.

Add section introduction
Add an introduction which will show when the respondents enters that specific section.

Add question
To Add a question click here and modify the question.

Question button
When a Question is created, it is always possible to modify the question by clicking it.

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You can drag any item fromUser-added image and drop it in the Trash to delete it.

Manage users
Click Manage users to add or remove respondents to the whole survey or to specific sections.

Preview survey
Click Preview survey to view what respondents will see when the survey has been sent.

Send survey
Send email to invite all respondents to complete the survey. Note that respondents who have have been assigned to several sections will only receive one email invitation.

Tracking respondents' progress:

Progress circle empty Progress circle. If empty, it means that the respondent has not yet answered any question in that section. Progress circle half full The pie will ‘fill up’ to reflect the progress of that respondent. 

C Progress circle done.png Respondent has answered all questions in that section, but not yet submitted the survey.

Progress circle lock Respondent has submitted the survey but did not answer all questions in that section.

Progress circle review Respondent has submitted the survey, completed all the for that section (not necessarily entire survey) and the answers are ready to be reviewed.

Progress circle reviewed All answers have been completed and reviewed for that section.