How do I edit a SimaPro Share scenario project?

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TitleHow do I edit a SimaPro Share scenario project?
SummaryOverview of features available for scenario project
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A SimaPro Share project has two tabs: the Overall results and the Project scenarios. 

  • The Overall results tab is where general project information, findings and instructions are added, and hotspots are created. 
  • The Product scenarios tab is where scenarios are built, analyzed and compared.

Overall results

As mentioned, the Overall results tab contains background information, instructions or findings which have been added by the expert user. At the top, there are three text sections which are by default called Findings, Hotspots and Background. Under each of these sections background information or instructions can be added to guide the business users or other expert users.

The expert can also add new or view the variables which have been set up in the hotspots, such as parameter variables or processes to vary, under this tab. Learn what a hotspot entails in SimaPro Share here.
To add a new hotspot click on + Add hotspot. With the different parts of a defined hotspot you can view, edit, delete or copy it.

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Product scenarios

In the Product scenarios tab the scenarios are being built and analyzed. Here, all scenarios created by expert users are shown. Business users can view scenarios created by experts and create their own scenarios. Please note that expert and business users cannot edit the baseline scenario. 

In this tab on the left hand-side, you can create new scenarios, collapse and expand the scenarios, adapt existing scenarios, view scenarios from specific users, calculate the outcomes.User-added image

On the right hand-side, the results from the calculated scenarios are shown. Here you can filter to view specific impact categories, switch between seeing the impact of the top contributing processes or overall impact assessment results, select or edit your calculation setup settings, export scenario information and impact assessment results, view what business users will see through Preview, add users to collaborate with on this project with Manage users, and publish the project.

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Keep in mind when publishing!
When you publish the Share project, you send out an email to all users who have been added to the project through Manage users. Once a project is published, you cannot make changes to project settings, nor can you add more business users.  That is why a copy of your published project remains in the Draft section. You can make any changes to the draft and re-publish the project. The published project will then be updated to the newer 'version'.


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