Company library

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In Flow, company libraries are projects with processes which are modelled by you or your company for use in many different lifecycle projects.
As an example, your company has a specific production process for the production of a bolt type typical for your company. This type of bolt is used in many products. In this case, it is helpful that you model the production process of that bolt once and reuse it in all the other products, as you would do with any other library process.
You don't necessarily want to see the production process of the bolt in each lifecycle project in which it is used, but you want the full impact. In this way you can separate the products and processes which are generic for your company and the processes which are specific for only one lifecycle project.
When you have built up or imported your library processes you can make it into a library which can be used in other project, in a similar way that you would use ecoinvent or any other generic library.