Which impact assessment methods are available in SimaPro desktop?

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SimaPro contains a number of impact assessment methods, which are used to calculate impact assessment results. The list below gives an indication of what is currently included in the most recent SimaPro desktop version. Some older methods can still be found in the superseded section of the methods library.

For more information on these methods, please check the methods manual.  


  • IMPACT World+ Endpoint
  • IMPACT World+ Midpoint
  • LC-IMPACT (8 variations)
  • ReCiPe 2016 Endpoint (3 perspectives)
  • ReCiPe 2016 Midpoint (3 perspectives)


  • CML-IA baseline
  • CML-IA non-baseline
  • Ecological Scarcity 2021
  • EF 3.0 Method (adapted)
  • EN 15804 + A2
  • Environmental Prices
  • EPD (2018)
  • EPS 2015d
  • EPS 2015dx

North American
  • BEES+
  • TRACI 2.1

Single issue
  • Cumulative Energy Demand
  • Cumulative Energy Demand (LHV)
  • Cumulative Exergy Demand
  • Freshwater eutrophication (Payen et al., 2021)
  • IPCC 2021 (8 variations)
  • Land use biodiversity (Chaudhary et al., 2015)
  • Selected LCI results
  • Selected LCI results, additional
  • USEtox 2 (recommended + interim)
  • USEtox 2 (recommended only)

Water footprint
  • Berger et al 2014 (Water Scarcity)
  • Boulay et al 2011 (Water Scarcity)
  • Hoekstra et al 2012 (Water Scarcity)

A number of methods are moved to the superseded category since it is no longer supported by PRé. You can find which methods belong to this category on this page.
Are you looking for the impact assessment methods which are available on the SimaPro online platform? You can find those here.