Which expressions can I use in value fields in SimaPro Flow?

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Note! Only available for expert users.
The expressions you can use in value fields and for parameters in SimaPro Flow are:
  • Plus (+), minus (-), division (/), modulo (%), multiplication (*), power (^).
  • Equal (=), unequal (<>).
  • Smaller than (<), smaller than or equal to (<=), larger than (>), larger than or equal to  (>=).
  • Scientific notation (2.3E-7).
  • If statements (2 IF Parameter1 == 4 ELSE 1).
  • Parentheses for resolving sub expressions (2*(4-3)).
These expressions can be used in the parameter page, or in any other value field. For more specific places it can be used see this article.
Note! These expressions work as long as there is no division by zero.