What is the difference between a process and a product?

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It is important to understand that every producing process is producing one or more products, and each product has one or more producing processes.
For example, diary farming produces mainly milk, however meat is also a product of this process. On the other side, a plastic bottle can be produced from injection molding as well as extrusion molding.

In SimaPro desktop, the differentiation between a product and a producing process is small. Usually, the name of the process is also the process name stated in the inputs and outputs, and the Product name is (meant to be) in the Documentation tab.
In the SimaPro online platform there is a larger difference between a product and a producing process. This is because the ILCD and Ecospold data formatting requires us to make the difference.  The distinction is shown with the pages of the side menu. Whenever you create a producing process on the canvas an output product with the same name is created.

It is not very important to edit these products, but just know that they are there and that there is a difference.