What is a project owner in SimaPro Flow?

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A project owner in SimaPro Flow is the person who created or copied the Flow project. The ownership is given per Flow project and there is only one person with the ownership of each Flow project.
What can a project owner do?
The project owner has the right to lock and hide a Flow project and to transfer the ownership of the Flow project to another user. Read more about hiding and locking a project here.

What is the difference between a project owner and a project author?
The project owner is different from the project author because the project owner is the only person who can hide, lock and transfer ownership, and is not editable unless the owner itself transfers the ownership to another user. While the author is the person who created the original project and the field can be edited by any expert user who has access to the company. Thus, in conclusion a project owner has management right, while the author is merely the person who created the original project and can be used for later reference.

Where can I see who the project owner is?
The project owner is stated in the details of the project. If you go to your project or click on the project name in the left side menu, then the project owner is stated there on the front page, together with the project name, author, creation date, and more.