What is library switch in SimaPro Flow?

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Library switch is a feature which makes it easy to switch processes between libraries. This was created to make upgrading to a newer library version easy, although it is also possible to ‘downgrade’ to an earlier library version or change processes between other libraries.

One benefit of having a library switch is that if you do long time projects or have old projects it is easy to update it to the newest data. For example, you want to switch to a new library such as ecoinvent 3.6 or compare results to an older library such as ecoinvent 3.4, then you can use this feature.
It is also possible to
 use the library switch to relink processes within the same library. This can be used to switch easily between two types of products for example. 

In the future, it will also be possible to switch between calculation methods (Cut-off, APOS etc.), even though only changing the calculation method for the processes do not imply that the lifecycle assessment study is done correctly in terms of the calculation method.  

Keep in mind that switching between libraries with different calculation methods (such as from ecoinvent 3.5 Cut-off to ecoinvent 3.5 Consequential) is not possible at the moment. 

Find how to use the Library Switch here link.