What does it mean to upgrade from Expert User to Power User license?

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SimaPro Power User license is the most comprehensive package that offers powerful functionalities. The question is then: What can I expect when I upgrade to Power User from Expert User license? 

The main advantage is to link SimaPro to Excel, thus automating data entry, increasing flexibility to test different assumptions, reducing the margin for error, and making updates more efficient. These benefits are reflected through:

Additionally, in the SimaPro desktop, the Power User package offers:

  • More options to hide confidential data
  • The possibility to link to other tools by programming the COM interface (this is done by the users themselves). 

Meanwhile, from the SimaPro platform side, the following benefits are included:
  • The access to maximal 4 companies instead of only 1 company
  • The opportunity to link to SimaPro online platform via API. However, this comes at an additional price. 

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