What do the abbreviations enclosed in { } in processes mean?

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The abbreviations in square brackets in the master data from the ecoinvent are 2-letter country codes or 3-letter region codes, indicating the geography represented by the dataset. These codes are the original codes used by ecoinvent and are taken from ISO 3166.

The following region codes are also used but are not part of ISO list:
  • Global (GLO)
  • Oceanic (OCE)
  • Africa (RAF)
  • Asia and the Pacific (RAS)
  • Europe (RER)
  • Latin America and the Caribbean (RLA)
  • North America (RNA)
  • Near East (RNE)
  • Middle East (RME)
  • Rest of World (RoW)

The country codes and region codes are also listed in the official ecoinvent documentation (ecoinvent Report No. 1 - Overview and Methodology v2.0 (2007)) - available for download from the ecoinvent website.