What are the review statuses in SimaPro Collect?

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Note! Only available for expert users.

The review statuses are tags that can be used for answered questions in SimaPro Collect. It can be used when reviewing the answers a supplier or manufacturer has filled in. The survey must first be published by an expert and then submitted by the respondent for you to be able to edit the statuses.
The different statuses are:
 Review statuses: To be reviewed, reviewed, please check and edited by expert
  • To be reviewed means that the expert has not yet reviewed the answer. Both respondent and expert can edit the answer when it is open for them.
  • Reviewed means that the expert accepts the answer. Neither the respondent nor the expert can edit the answer after this status is selected. 
  • Please check is a message from the expert to the respondent, for the respondent to check the answer when it is re-opened.
  • Edited by expert means that the expert has edited the respondent's answer. Only the expert can edit the answer.