Things you need to know when locking your SimaPro Flow project

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When you lock a project in SimaPro Flow you might wonder: what does this actually mean? What are the consequences? Which changes can you or can you not make?  The overview below is created to clarify these points:

What might change in my locked project(s)?

  • You can still make changes underlying custom libraries (library projects), but this might lead to changing results.  To avoid that, library projects need to be locked separately (the same way as the Flow project). 

What can I not change in my locked project(s)?

  • ​​​​In principle, when a project is locked, you cannot change anything within that Flow project. This means you cannot edit processes, make changes in the Canvas, import files, save a new default calculation, or switch data libraries etc. Of course you can still view the project and do calculations!

    Who can view locked projects?

    • All the experts in the company can view projects that are locked. An exception to this is when the project is also hidden, then, only the person who hid it and the company admin can view the project. 

    Who can lock and unlock projects?
    • The only person who can lock and unlock a project is the owner of the project. In most cases, this is the person who created the project (also the same as the author) or copied it later (not the same as the author). 

    To know the procedure on how to lock and unlock projects in SimaPro Flow, please refer to this article