SimaPro desktop vs platform: Which parameter expressions are supported?

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Sometimes, when importing parameters to SimaPro online platform from SimaPro desktop, there are warnings about expressions which are not supported. This is because some expressions, which are valid in desktop, are not supported in online platform. SimaPro desktop covers a more comprehensive expressions list compared to the online platform. Some of the advanced expressions that are only included in SimaPro desktop are: 
  • Operators, such as XOR and DIV.
  • Functions, such as ARCCOS, ARCSIN, ARCTAN, IPOWER, CEIL, TRUNC. 

A more complete list of expressions that are supported in SimaPro desktop can be found under Help > SimaPro Help > Index > Expression > Expression Editing. Meanwhile, a list of expressions that are valid in SimaPro platform can be found here

Note! In case you miss any parameter expressions, please let us know by contacting support.