How do mandatory questions in SimaPro Collect work?

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Note! Only for expert users.
If you use a mandatory questions in your SimaPro Collect survey, the respondent must fill in that question with a text, number, tick the answer or change the grid before submitting the answers. See the specifications per question type:

  • Respondent needs to fill in a number between 0 and 100

Whole number

  • Respondent must fill in a whole number (such as 4, -7, 6...)
  • A decimal is not allowed.


  • Respondent must fill in a decimal or whole number (such as 4, 7.2, -6.3...)

Multiple choice (many answers)

  • Respondent must select at least one answer.

Multiple choice (one answer)

  • Respondent is only allowed to select one answer and must select one.


  • Respondent must fill in a text of at least one letter.


  • Respondent must do a change in the grid.
  • If you, as an expert, have prefilled the grid, and the respondent do not wish to change any parts, they must edit at least one cell. You can ask them to add a comment if nothing changed.

Important to note

  • If 'Allow attachment' is ticked in a mandatory question, then the attachment is also mandatory.
  • Respondent must attach a document.