How do I upgrade my SimaPro desktop installation from single user to a multi-user?

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The single user and multi-user versions of SimaPro require different types of installation, as the multi-user is a client-server system. So when upgrading from single to multi, please check the guidance below to make sure the software and database(s) are properly installed.

Software installation
To upgrade from a single user to a multi-user installation, first uninstall the single user version and then install the multi-user version from the Install & Update page (your database(s) will remain unchanged after uninstall).

Please make sure to go through the installation instructions carefully, first installing the SimaPro Database Server and then the SimaPro clients! 

When installing SimaPro Database Server, a new Professional database is also installed. You can choose to continue your work in this new and ‘clean’ database.  If you want to continue your work in your ‘old’ database, delete or rename the newly- installed database and move your old database to the new computer (for more info on this step check this article).

Please keep in mind that the essence of the multi-user license is to facilitate collaboration.  So, to make any 'old' database available to other users, please make sure the database files are saved in a shared location accessible by the other users, and that location is added as a new Alias in the SimaPro database server. If you do not want to share access to your database in the multi-user version, you can access it via the server option "local server". 

For more information, please make sure to go through the installation manual and feel free to reach out to SimaPro Support or your local SimaPro partner for further assistance.