How do I subscribe to the LCA discussion list?

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You can subscribe to the LCA List by clicking here and entering your name and email address.

When you subscribe, you can choose to either receive the daily digest (summary of activity and emails), or a copy of every email sent to the whole LCA list. With the individual emails, you can simply reply to the sender or to all recipients to join the discussion.

However, in order to access more functionality (create new discussions, access archives, send new emails, etc.), you have to create a LISTSERV password (see screenshot). Once you are logged in, you can go to the Subscriber's Corner or Email lists and view all your options. For example, to send an email to the LCA List Group, go to the Subscriber's Corner, and under the tab 'My Lists' you should find the LCA list. If you click on [Post], you will be directed to an email template to send your email.