How do I free up business users for Share and/or Collect?

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Note! Only for expert users.
If all your business user licenses are filled and you would like to introduce more users to either a Share or Collect project, then you need to free up business users to introduce the new users. There are certain ways you can free up spots for your company. There are two main ways to free up these spots:

  1. Archive Share projects or complete Collect projects. By doing this, the data of the respondent will continue to be available for the expert user until the project is deleted.

  2. Make sure one or more specific users are uninvited to all the 'In progress' projects for Share and/or Collect (depends on where you want to have new users). By doing this, the business user data will be deleted from the projects and unavailable for the expert user as well.

 If you want more information on this, you can contact support.