How do I copy projects between companies in the SimaPro online platform?

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Copying a project can be very helpful, both within the same company or to another company. This can be used as a way to share projects with colleagues from a different department or to clients who have their own company on the SimaPro online platform. There are also several options for what to do with respondents and their answers. Copying a project can be done as follows:

  • Go to the project overview page
  • Find the project you want to copy

Project overview

  • Select the Copy button, then a dialogue will pop up.
  • Set a new name for the copy.
  • Select to which company you want the project to be copied to, by using the drop-down. If you only have access to one company, then this drop-down will not be visible for you. If you do have access to several companies and you want to keep it in the current company, then you do not have to change this dropdown.
  • Depending on the type of project you are copying, you might have more or less options. Here all the options are described:
  1. Keep respondents - If a Share or Collect project is connected then you can choose to keep the same business users/respondents for the copy as well. 
  2. Create processes from parsed responses - If a Collect project is connected to your Flow project then you have the choice to include the respondent answers as separate processes as part of the new Flow model or keep only the original Flow project and connections to Collect. In the latter case, the respondent answer will not be included anywhere in the copied project. 
  3. Open projects when copied - If you select this, then the copied project will open when it is done.
  • To finalize the copying, click on copy. The project will then be copied as you indicated in your choices and will open if that was selected.

Below you can see a video of copying a simple Flow model within the same company: