How can I reinstall SimaPro?

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Reinstallation of SimaPro requires the following steps:

1. Uninstalling the software

Please make sure that your computer is connected to internet while you uninstall. You can uninstall via Start> Settings> Control Panel> Add or Remove Programs. During this process the SimaPro database(s) are not removed. It is recommended, however, that you make a backup of your database(s). 

2. Installing SimaPro on the new computer

  • Here you can find the most recent SimaPro installation files.  For older versions, please check this page instead.
  • Click on the installation file, choose ‘Run’ and follow the instructions of the installation wizard.
  • With installing the software, a new Professional database is also installed. You can choose to continue your work in this new and ‘clean’ database.  If you want to continue your work in your ‘old’ database, delete or rename the newly- installed database and move your old database to the new computer (see step 5).

3. Registering the software

Enter your registration name and code.  Please make sure that you use the most recent registration code you have received from PRé Sustainability.

4. Activating your SimaPro license

After you register the SimaPro software license, you will be directed to an activation screen. While connected to the internet, choose ‘Automatic’ activation.  If you have any problems with this step please contact us.

5. Moving the database

Single-user version

In a single-user version, there are two ways to move a SimaPro database:

  1. The easiest way is to first make a backup of the database. You can do this in SimaPro via File> Database management> Back-up. Then transfer the backup file to the new location and restore the database (File> Database management> Restore).
  2.  You can also move the database manually or via a .zip file.  The SimaPro database is installed by default in C:\Users\Public\Documents\SimaPro\Database.  SimaPro must be closed when you move or zip the database. A SimaPro database consists of 77 numbered files with an *.NX1 extension, which need to be moved together.

The first time you start SimaPro again, you will get message saying that the database is not found. Simply browse to the new database location (which will be remembered by SimaPro).  If you carry out automatic backups, make sure your backup software is updated with the new database location.

Multi-user version

In a multi-user version you can also move databases the same way. However, there is an additional step - the new location must be specified as an alias in the SimaPro database server ( this article can help). If you carry out automatic backups, make sure your backup software is updated with the new database location.