How can I dive deeper into my calculation result in SimaPro Flow?

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Once you run the calculation in SimaPro Flow, you will be presented with graphs that show the results. This article will explain how to best use the features of the graphs to help you dive deeper into your LCA outcomes.

Contribution per analysis group

If you have defined analysis groups previously, you can get insight on how each analysis group contributes to each impact category. To do so you can hover your mouse on each bar to see the contribution percentage and the correspondence value per process category.
Contribution analysis per analysis group

Contribution per impact category

You can also click on each impact category to zoom in further on what constitutes that impact category specifically. In this case, Terrestrial Acidification impact category is selected and we can see that mostly, it is dominated by Frame production.
Analysis group contribution to Terrestrial Acidification impact category

Contribution per process category

You can also click on each process to show or remove it from the chart. This gives you further insight into how the results may vary with different scenarios. In this example, the ''Other'' category is removed and changes the contribution of other processes consequently.
 Contribution analysis per analysis group

You can do the same thing on the Cumulative Process Contributions chart, where you can investigate your result per impact category and per process. 
You can change the layout of the chart using this button User-added image that you can find below the chart. You can also download the chart using the download button User-added image.

Please view the video for more clues: