What to expect after a SimaPro desktop update?

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In SimaPro desktop, the software is separate from the database. Thus, a SimaPro desktop update consists of an update of the software components, in addition to an update of the database contents with additional steps like appending substance and replacement of processes.  Only after you have done both the software and the database part, will you have completed the update.

Please note that every update is unique and may contain special instructions for that particular update, so please make sure to go through the relevant update instructions carefully.

The frequently asked questions below provide a better understanding of what to expect after an update:
  • What if I only update the software?
When you update the software – your database contents remain unchanged.  So, essentially you get a newer software version that contains new software features and less bugs.  Again, it is Important to realize that a software update does not change any library, project data or methods in your database.
Example:  You used to work with SimaPro 9.0 with ecoinvent 3.5.  If you only do the software update, your version will be updated to SimaPro 9.1.0, but you will still be working with ecoinvent 3.5 (and not ecoinvent 3.6).
  • After a software update, why do I sometimes need to do a technical conversion of the database when I first open it in SimaPro?
A technical conversion allows your database to be opened by the newer software version, but does not change the contents of the database.

Please note that once a technical conversion takes place, you cannot open that particular database with older SimaPro versions.
  • After I update the database, what happens to my data?
Below is an overview of how your data may change – but please keep in mind this depends on whether the libraries and methods you are using have been updated in that specific release.
  • Library processes: in most cases*, library processes will be automatically updated.  So, for example, an ecoinvent process from version 3.5 will be replaced by an updated version from ecoinvent 3.6.
  • Custom processes: links to library processes will (in most cases*) be automatically updated to link to the newer version of the dataset.  The rest remains unchanged.
  • Default impact assessment methods: the default impact assessment methods originally provided by PRé will be automatically updated (replaced) by the newer version – given that you did not change the name of the method.
  • Custom impact assessment methods: these will remain unchanged.
  • Substances: appending may merge one or more synonyms to one substance name and could change the result if the “final” substance is included in an impact assessment method and the previous was not.
*Sometimes there are processes that become obsolete and are not automatically updated.  These need additional handling by the user.
  • After a software update, can I expect my results to change?
No as you have not (yet) updated the database.
  • After a database update, can I expect my results to change?
Most probably yes – that could be due to the changes in the library data or changes to the impact assessment method(s) used.