User management in SimaPro Desktop Multi-User

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SimaPro multi-user has the feature to manage users within your database. This can only be done by the Manager. Therefore, organizations should appoint a SimaPro Manager internally as it is only possible to have 1 Manager per database. Managers have a full right where they can create new users and user types. They are the only ones who can carry out database management actions, such as database import/export, database check, database backup, etc. 


Creating users

In SimaPro multi-user, users are defined on the database level which means you can have different users for different databases. In order to create a user, you first need to assign the user type. A user type defines the rights for specific actions the user is allowed, such as creating a process or deleting one. By default, there are three types of user types: 
  • LCA expert
  • LCA practitioner
  • Visitor
After assigning the user type, you can define each user's profile to specify to which project the user has access. The pre-defined users which are based on the above-mentioned user types are: 
  • Expert
  • Manager
  • Practitioner
  • Visitor

The above-mentioned are the user and user types set by default. However, all of these options are editable and you can also add your own user types and assign a user to it. 


Managing users

After creating users, you need to assign them to projects they can access. There are several ways to do this:

  • Manually
    • In this option, you manually assign users one by one to projects they may open by clicking ''Add''. 
  • Via an import wizard
    • The ''Import Wizard'' feature helps you to automate the process of creating users and assigning projects especially if you have a large number of users. The step-by-step on how to do this is explained in this article
  • Via importing an Excel file
    • Another alternative to import wizard which offers even greater flexibility is to use the ''Import Excel'' feature.  Find out how to import users from Excel on this page


You can also find further tips and tricks and basic information about SimaPro multi-user by downloading the PDF below. 
Download PDF