Moving SimaPro to a Different Computer

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There are a few things you need to know if you need to move SimaPro to another computer. For example if you get a new laptop, or a new colleague will take over your LCA work as you move on to another position.  Since SimaPro is copy protected with hardware activation, you need to know a few things before you reinstall SimaPro.


Moving SimaPro is not difficult if you follow the steps below:

1) Uninstall SimaPro to free up the activation

Uninstalling the current SimaPro installation is needed to free up your software activation. For each user license, one activation is available. An activation is specific for the computer on which you have installed SimaPro and thus prevents installation on  different computer.

If you uninstall SimaPro while connected to internet, SimaPro will send a message to our activation server to de-activate the license. You can uninstall SimaPro via Start, Settings, Control Panel, Programs and features. Note that there will be no confirmation of successful de-activation nor an error message if the de-activation failed. 

During this process the SimaPro database(s) are not removed. We recommend however that you make backup.

2) Install SimaPro on the new computer

After uninstalling and deactivating SimaPro you can install SimaPro on the new computer.

  • If you have a valid service contract, you can use latest installation file so that your software is up to date. To install SimaPro, you need the latest registration code send to you with your last service contract renewal.
  • If you do not have a valid service contract, you can find older installation files here.

With the software, a new Professional database is also installed. You can choose to continue your work in this new and “clean” database. If you want to continue your work in your “old” database, you can delete or rename the installed database and move the “old” database to your new computer.

Moving the database

The easiest way to move a SimaPro database to make a SimaPro backup of the database. You can do this in SimaPro via File, Database management, Back-up. Transfer the back-up file to the new computer and restore the database.

If you choose to move the database manually or via a zip file, this information is important:

The SimaPro database is installed by default in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\SimaPro\Database. SimaPro must be closed when you move or zip the database. A SimaPro database consists of 77 numbered files with an *.NX1 extension, which need to be moved together.

If you use a multi user version, the new location must be specified in the SimaPro database server. See the installation manual for details.